The Invention Of The Internet

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Individuals nowadays may very well speculate who invented the internet. During the late 1950s to 1970s a team of researchers and scientists invented the internet. This number of scientists was positioned at the newly established Advanced Scientific Research Projects Agency (ARPA). The invention happened following the launch of Sputnik by the Soviet Union. The ARPA was motivated to focus their efforts towards the invention of the internet soon after recognizing of the fact that United States had already been superseded in scientific advances by the Russians who had executed their initial successful satellite launch. The desire out outdo the Soviet Union in technological advancement was therefore the driving force behind the invention of the internet.

J.C.R. Licklider’s Input

A number of persons worked on the project aimed at geared for the invention of the internet. Five persons nonetheless are singled out as the persons who spearheaded the design and style in addition to plans for the invention. One of these people was J.C.R. Licklider. He worked with the ARPA as being the leader of the information processing technology section of the organization. Within this capacity Licklider imagined the internet in the role of a uniting force for the connecting of  individuals lacated in a wide range of areas within the United States and the world at large..

As part of his drive to design the online world for ARPA Licklider was prompted to get further services. This became important because his field of specialization wasn’t actual computer programming. For that reason he recruited the help of Lawrence Roberts. Lawrence Roberts then went on to head the team that eventually created thefore runner  to the internet which was called ARPANET in 1967. It was Lawrence Roberts who also eventually used the tactic of packet switching. This system was in fact actually brought to life by Leonard Kleinrock. Packet switching remains employed by the internet nowadays as its principal means for the converting of data.

The Inaugural Internet ConnectionThe first computer to connect to the internet was one that was located at the University of California. This happened once a long period of work was put in into the venture. With the passage of time three additional computers were connected to the internet. This took place in 1969 and brought about the spread of internet use in what several people call the internet revolution.

Robert Kahn and Vinton Cerf’s RolesThe invention of the internet was then completed with input from other persons. This was mandatory seeing that Lawrence Roberts resigned from his job in 1973.This he did in spite of his tremendous success in his work at ARPA as a means of facilitating his personal objective of devising the world’s first commercial network. At the time this was referred to as Telenet.

Robert Khan and Vinton Cerf were mandated by Lawrence Roberts to carry on the task he had began on the invention of the internet. These two merged their efforts to modify the first means of packet switching. This is the technique that was designed by Roberts and Kleinrock. In due course the joint effort led to the creation of what later came to be known as the TCP/IP protocols. The idea of ARPANET was later changed into internet which was considered more appropriate and much more conveniently said.

It is therefore clear that the query of who invented internet is answerable after  an examination of the work of countless workers throughout a number of years.